Ultimate Detail

Side protection are lacquered in glossy lacquer. Engrave your signature or your logo and grant an absolute exclusivity.

The armrests can be upholstered to grant you a superb comfort and luxury design.​

Absolute Exclusivity

Do you intend to create an absolute and unique office chair? Horizon 47 can provide an exclusive service to design a whole new upholstery and backside, only for you.

We can offer this service for any client or company wishing to have their unique office chair.

We grant an absolute exclusivity like no other.

Check out our Richarlison Concept Design

All the features for an ultimate comfort

Upholstered 4D Armrests

Having a good position for your arms is essential for a balanced posture. Our armrests can be adjusted in 4 directions and are upholstered with genuine Italian leather for superb comfort and delicate touch.

Magnetic Head pillow

We designed a unique head pillow with magnetic features. Just plug and play your head pillow in three different positions for a perfect fit

Adjustable lumbar Support

Lumbar Support can be easily customized using a side-mounted rotary dial. Easily adjust for a perfect comfort experience. On top of that you can use the lumbar pillow to increase even more the support.​

Italian natural Leather

Our products are handcrafted with high quality and natural Italian leather. A mix of clean and perforated leather ensures an exquisite look and grant a passionate impression intended for true pioneers.

Cold cure Mold foam

Engineered with a special medium-firm cold cure mold foam, offer a great comfort and stability for your daily routine.

Multifunctional tilting Mechanism and gas lift

Our multi-functional tilting mechanism, provides a complete comfort experience. The backrest can be tilted back completely until 160º. The seating inclination can be customized as well as the height (100 mm) with the class 4 gas lift.

Aluminium base Casters with breaks

To ensure maximum stability, resistance and comfort, our chairs are equipped with an aluminum base and 60 mm casters with breaks.

Choose your exclusivity level

Features Silver Gold Platinum
Prometheus Design
Calisto Design
Narvi Design
Upholstered Armrests
Upholstery Customization - Leather & Stitching Color
Back Board Name Customization
Back Board Name & Finishes
Side Protections Lacquered with signature
Head & Lumbar Pillow Customization
Upholstery Exclusive Design
Back Board Exclusive Design
Premium Wood Venner & Gold / Silver Leaf
Gold and Silver Elements